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4 days 20 hours, Pen, ink and white gel pen on Canson 140lb watercolor paper.


Frequently in our travels, we may notice but the surface potential of our beings. With guidance, we can dive deeper: We'll find vehicles that many had pursued, only to anchor their unrealized potentials, either in idle or in strengthening those we believe in. To whence our dream and potential links, our aimless wandering, like leaves in the wind becomes wondrous. When that happens, we see the world, full in it's beauty and capable potentials, angel sings, muse trumpets. Worlds a vast, we radiate and become radiance. It can become scary too(rotate the drawing 180°), as this process may take us many decades to reach. But when we do, we can shoulder courage and potentials in sharing with everyone we meet. So that the journey may surface and resurfaces to the next generations to come. To learn what we have learned.


A concept first bestowed by Kristin Poole( an amazing sculpturist) whence we met again at Illuxcon 2018. The idea is about physical and metaphysical arising: thoughts appear, shapes emerge, and familiar faces resurfacing in our lives time and time again. How we interpolate those events shapes and reshapes our following beings.

Inspired, my interpretation of this idea is thus about our potentials.

This was a summation concept to ponder on, I initial had sketched out the base concept of the whale months ago, but never really went deeper. My chance encounter at IX, the lingering experience, and chance guidance helped spark this idea of metaphysics further, thus resurfacing it all over again.