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Lost Painting

Lost Painting

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Mixed media. Drawn with pen, ink and heavy acrylic on Canson 100lb bristol paper, scanned and then finish with digital painting techniques .


This piece is inspired by a song that is of the same name, from a game called Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Therefore to enjoy the piece to its fullest. Listen both to the song and visual together to bring forth a sense of synesthesia.


The initial thought was to create a main theme at the center. A towering fort similar to the ones in tarot. Abyss by the forces surrounding it. Abstract gothic fonts designs were added to contrast the theme of the composition. Likewise this piece is also heavily influenced by Ayami Kojima’s art direction in the Castlevania cover art series. Heavy acrylic textures decorates the edge, florals contrast the themes of the characters, and action posts to guide the viewer in a fantasy story setting of boy meets girl. The heroic days.

Mixed Media series:

I’ve grew up being inspired by a compilation of artists that has shaped our visual industry via endless creative means in stylization, art direction and voices. Therefore this series is dedicated to the times that has influenced me to be at where I am today.

This list includes but not limiting to the following individual voices: Ayami Kojima( Castlevania: Symphony of the night), Yoshitaka Amano( Final Fantasy Series), Justin Sweet( Icewind dale 2 & Table RPG), Yoh Yoshinari( Valkyrie profile), Tsubasa Masao( Tactic Ogre), Yoji Shinkawa( Zone of Enders) and countless more. Without these individuals’ unique voices, creative designs become stagnate.

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This print has been signed, dated and titled in limited edition on the front and back.

Illustrated by Pui Che. Copyrighted to their respective holders. All rights reserved. 2015+

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