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Illustrated by Pui Che. Art director: Shannon Kelly. Tempest: Shards of the Gods(TCG).

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The epic prose edda visual summary to the god of foresight, Heimdallr of the Norse mythos. From bottom to top, the visual depicts valiant warriors dining in reverie to reach Vahalla, guided by the valkyries; crossing Bifrost- the rainbow bridge connects midgard and asgard. In comparison, chaos and anarchy reigns supreme in Ragnarok’s wake- an end to all.

Heimdallr, born by nine sister mothers of the sea and undines. Resting in his sight is the world tree, Yggdrassil. Nidhogg the world serpent nibbling it’s roots, branches uniting the nine realms. Heimdallr is holding the golden sword Hofund on one hand, and the Gjallahorn on the other. Gulltoppr, the golden-maned horse roams midgard. The golden rooster Gullinkambi playfully rests tills the forewarning of Ragnarok. Freya’s Necklace as his armband- in one quest, Loki transformed into a salmon in attempt to take Freya’s Necklace, Brisingamen, Heimdallr shapeshifted into a seal to resist.

Ragnarok- the prophecy. Heimdallr’s foresight far exceeds the visual domains, reaching time itself. In it, he sees Fenrir rearing its fangs, Surtr ablazing his sword, Jormungandr the devouring serpent, and chaos consuming all. Nearing the galaxy’s end, all hope shouldered on one remaining race in reshaping the new world; mankind.


The missions of this piece was in many folds; comprehending more compositions, reflection of challenges, and a pilgrimage of self discovery. in facing them, we find our truer selves. Inspired and influenced by Alphonse Mucha’s Slav Epic series.

Initially a simpler composition, later enlightenments improved the visual narrative much more, resulting in a rotation of the infinite sign. Similar to the nebulae, the infinite far surpasses our understanding, as so it's beauties.


Part of a nebula-themed gods & goddesses series. Digitally hand-painted with Photoshop on Wacom Cintiq 13hd. Span of 16months. Total of 295hrs.