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Illustrated by Pui Che. Art director: Shannon Kelly.

Tempest: Shards of the Gods(TCG). Kickstarter project coming 2018.

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100 hour, digitally painted with Photoshop and Wacom Cintiq.


Anubis is one of the few gods who survived the sundering of the universe that begins Tempest: Shards of the Gods. When the universe was rent and torn asunder, the ancient deities such as Anubis were separated far enough in time from the point of sundering to preserve a piece of their selves. Now he seeks to gather what shards remain, piecing together a new afterlife and a new universe where will be the only god.

This is the Will of the Judge of the Dead, he who watches over all those who fall and weighs their heart-souls against the feather of Ma’at. If their heart be lighter than the feather of truth, they may enter the afterlife and dwell with Anubis himself. When Anubis rides to battle, he brings with him the dead arisen, and rides with Sothis the Dog Star and her pack of jackals.


Anubis has few symbols that truly represent him. He is usually presented as a jackal-headed man with skin darkened by the cremation process. In this image he holds a dripping crystalline heart in one hand, and a War Scepter with a set of scales in the other. The feather of Ma’at rests on the scales, while an Ankh hangs around his neck and a Khepri beetle rests at his waist.


It is difficult to personify a god with flesh and bone, and so when designing this image we decided the face of a god should be incomprehensible to human eyes. Anubis sits against a backdrop of nebulae-filled space, and his dark skin was replicated by making his head into a void rather than a solid object. His head is represented by an absence of being rather than flesh and bone – rather fitting for a god of the dead.